Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Spring 2018

Location: Thursday, 17:00 - 18:00h, Room BLU-003, Blumlisalpstrasse 10, 8006 Zurich

Please direct your questions and speaker suggestions to Micah Edelson, Phone +41 44 634 51 59

Date Presenter Topic Host
Special day and time!
Wednesday, 21.02.2018

Shinsuke Suzuki
Tohoku University

Additional Talk

Value computation in the human brain: its basis and contagious nature

Abstract (PDF, 108 KB)

Special time!

Alan Stocker
University of Pennsylvania

Additional Talk

Optimal perceptual decision making with limited representational resources

Abstract (PDF, 106 KB)

01.03.2018 Christoph Michel
University of Geneva

Mapping of brain network dynamics at rest with EEG microstates

Abstract (PDF, 108 KB)

08.03.2018 Hugo Critchley
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Interoceptive influences on emotion and cognition

Abstract (PDF, 106 KB)

15.03.2018 Neil Stewart
University of Warwick

Multialternative decision by sampling: A model of decision making constrained by process data

Abstract (PDF, 233 KB)

22.03.2018 Markus Siegel
University of Tübingen

Spectral fingerprints of large-scale neuronal interactions

Abstract (PDF, 107 KB)

12.04.2018 Jeffrey C. Erlich
New York University Shanghai

Connecting Human and Animal Research of Value-Based Decision-Making

Abstract (PDF, 112 KB)

19.04.2018 Elliot Ludvig
University of Warwick

Memory biases in risky decisions from experience

Abstract (PDF, 113 KB)

26.04.2018 Fabien Vinckier
University of Zurich/ETH Zurich

Why not try harder? Computational approach to motivation deficits in neuro-psychiatric diseases

Abstract (PDF, 113 KB)

03.05.2018 Andreas Hefti
University of Zurich

The allocation of attention and choice quality in a dual-task setting

Abstract (PDF, 113 KB)

17.05.2018 Warren Bickel
Virginia Tech

The temporal window of reinforcer integration determines the value of drugs among the addicted

Abstract (PDF, 113 KB)

24.05.2018 Amber Heijne
Maastricht University 

On the mentalizing network and model-based decision-making

Abstract (PDF, 120 KB)

31.05.2018 Karin  Roelofs
Radboud University Nijmegen

Neural control of human defensive reactions to social threat

Abstract (PDF, 123 KB)



Course requirements

In order to receive credit for this course, participants must pass the oral examination.

Course credit

3 ECTS (pass/fail)