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2020-11-22: Silvia Maier examines the biological and neural differences between successful and less successful investors.

Report in Echo der Zeit (German)

Silvia Maier elected founding member of the Young Academy Switzerland

2020-05-18: Silvia Maier was elected founding member of the Young Academy Switzerland. The Young Academy Switzerland offers young researchers the opportunity to carry out inter- and transdisciplinary projects. Outstanding academic achievements are prerequisite for membership in the Young Academy. The members strive to identify societal challenges at an early stage, offer solutions to these challenges and promote the dialogue between science and society.
Silvia Maier researches the neuronal and physiological basis of self-control at the Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics.

Dopamine, the reward system and the addiction treatment

2020-03-31: With the support of EU Grants Access, Lydia Hellrung successfully applied for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship Grant over 175'000 Euro. Her research project DOPANF takes place in the Department’s SNS Lab where she investigates how network activity in the brain differs depending on whether effort is motivated by a potential reward or to avoid punishment, and if one of the underlying motivations leads to better learning than the other. The answer to this question has, among other things, an influence on the treatment of addicts. EU Grants Access presents the project and the researcher in their publication Science Stories.

Science Stories

Article (PDF, 1 MB)

Coronavirus: Contributions and Position Paper

2020-03-29: The Coronavirus is a global concern. In recent weeks, researchers from the Department have contributed to the public discussion in national and international media. In addition to insights from their respective specialist areas, all professors of the Department of Economics have jointly published a position paper. Titled "Testing and Freezing: A survival strategy for the Swiss economy", the paper summarizes the consensus of the economic debate and outlines paths of action for Switzerland.

Position Paper
Find the Position Paper and Executive Summary (German) here

Interviews (German, full access)

"This is not about undermining the idea of a market economy» SRF News, David Dorn (10.04.20) includes short videoexplaining our position paper

"The plague was one of the causes of the great divergence between Europe and the rest of the world" Süddeutsche Zeitung, Joachim Voth (10.04.20)

"The Federal Council's economic policy measures were correct. At this moment, I see no major need for correction" NZZ, Ernst Fehr (11.04.20)

"Pandemics past and present"
Tagesschau24 video interview, Joachim Voth (03.04.2020)

"Sooner or later we will have to ask ourselves difficult questions"
Cash-interview, Joachim Voth (27.03.20), reprint in Handelszeitung (28.03.20)

"Conflicts between medical and economic interests are only short-term"
Radio1 interview, David Dorn (MP3, 7073 KB) (27.03.20)

"The collapse of the stock prices cannot be explained by rational behavior alone"
Sonntagszeitung interview, Ernst Fehr (PDF, 1327 KB) (22.03.20)

"Our decisions are currently based on insufficient data"
NZZ video interview, Ernst Fehr (21.03.20)


Media Coverage Position Paper
Finanz und Wirtschaft (15.04.20)
Tagesanzeiger (26.03.20)
Handelszeitung (28.03.20) (full access)
Der Bund (28.03.20)
NZZ (28.03.20)
NZZ (29.03.20)

Moral appeals alone will not suffice
2020-01-14: In an interview in the Der Bund Ernst Fehr explains why we need policy intervention and a general climate tax.  "The prevention of global warming is a prime example of legitimate state intervention. Individual actors generate negative external effects, and the state must intervene. This is 101 textbook knowledge, and all economists agree  on this point. The prevention of global warming is a public good, one of the most important ones for humanity".

Article in Der Bund (PDF, 669 KB) (PDF, German)