Information for participants during COVID-19

How we ensure your health and safety in our experiments in the SNS Lab:

  • Experimenters will measure their own temperature before each experiment.
  • Before entering the lab, you are required to disinfect your hands. Experimenters will disinfect their hands regularly during the experiment.
  • Experimenters and participants wear masks and green scrubs / or purple protective clothing all the time (we will instruct you in appropriate mask use).
  • You will wear disposable slippers instead of shoes.
  • Devices and surfaces within 2m of each participant will be disinfected before and after each measurement. Other surfaces will be disinfected at least three times per day.
  • We will dispose information material (e.g., seating cards and information sheets) after each participant.
  • During the setup of EEG and TMS experiments, experimenters will wear gloves, experimenters and participants will wear FFP2 masks and protective glasses or a plastic face shield.
  • We will assess your health status by a questionnaire on the phone or via email one day prior to and five and 14 days after the experiment.
  • We will do contact tracing by keeping a list of each participant-experimenter interaction. Your personal data will be saved on a secure server and deleted 2 months after your experiment participation.


Are you interested in our experiments?


We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our studies.
We can pay you for your participation, and for some of our studies you may also receive pictures of your brain on a CD!


If you would like to get some information on ongoing studies, and possibly take part in one, then please contact:

Cornelia Schnyder
Telefon: 044 634 59 18