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Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics (ZNE)

Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Spring 2009

Date Presenter Topic Host
19.02.09 Bill Harbaugh
University of Oregon
The neural basis of taxation and charitable giving Giorgia Silani
26.02.09 CANCELLED    
05.03.09 Thomas Mussweiler
University of Cologne
Psychological relativity - How comparisons shape judgment and decision making Gregor Domes
Attention seminar begins at 1 pm!
Klaus-Robert Müller
Technical University Berlin & Bernstein Centers for Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology
Towards Brain-Computer Interfacing  
12.03.09 Ralph Hertwig
University of Basel
Social heuristics that make us smart Bernadette von Dawans
19.03.09 Rebekka Klein &
Christine Clavien
Eager for fairness or for revenge? Altruism and emotion in neuroeconomics  
26.03.09 tba tba  
02.04.09 Michel Marechal Media violence and retaliatory aggression  
09.04.09 Gregor Domes Oxytocin and social cognition in humans  
16.04.09 EASTER - -
Giorgia Silani Understanding empathy: evidence from normal and clinical population studies  
Alex Mesoudi
University of London
The experimental study of human cultural evolution Charles Efferson
07.05.09 John-Dylan Haynes
Berstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
Decoding conscious and unconscious mental states from brain activity: From basic science to applied neurotechnology Susanne Leiberg
14.05.09 Mathias Pessiglione
Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging University College London & Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris
Subconscious reward processing in the human brain Klaas Enno Stephan
04.06.09 Michael Frank
University of Arizona
The neurogenetics of exploration vs exploitation: Prefrontal and striatal dopaminergic components Kerstin Preuschoff
11.06.09 Lars Kasper Cardiac artifact correction for human brainstem fMRI at 7T