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Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics (ZNE)

Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Spring 2008

Date Presenter Topic
21.02.08 Marco Loh
University Pompeu Fabra
A dynamical systems hypothesis of schizophrenia
06.03.08 Roshan Cools
University of Cambridge
Role of dopamine in cognitive and impulse control processes
13.03.08 Alumit Ishai
University of Zurich
Let's face it; It's a Cortical Network
27.03.08 open  
03.04.08 David Skuse
University of London
Sexual dimorphism in social perception: evidence, and potential mechanisms
10.04.08 Chantal Martin Soelch
University of Zurich
Dopamine, mood and motivated behavior
17.04.08 Isabell Dziobek
University of Berlin
Structural and functional brain correlates of cognitive and emotional empathy in autism spectrum conditions
17.04.08 Drazen Prelec
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Self-delusion: A neuroeconomic model and fMRI evidence
08.05.08 Gerald Kerth
University of Lausanne
Individual information, shared information, and group decision-making in a highly social mammal, the Bechstein's bat
15.05.08 open  
22.05.08 Philippe Rochat
Emory University
Becoming Homo Negotiatus: developmental origins of sharing and ownership
29.05.08 Paul Van Lange
University of Amsterdam
Overcoming Noise and Misunderstandings: The Functionality of Generosity and Trust
05.06.08 Angela Grippo
University of Illinois-Chicago
Depression and broken hearts: the study of mood disorders and cardiovascular disease using animal models
12.06.08 David Amodio
New York University
Regulating the self in the social world: Social factors and neural mechanisms
26.06.08 Johannes Siegrist
University of Düsseldorf
Health risks of failed reciprocity at work – Significance of epidemiologic findings for basic experimental research