Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Spring 2012

Date Presenter Topic Host
23.02.2012 Todd Hare
Department of Economics (UZH)
Transformation of stimulus value signals into motor commands during simple choice --
01.03.2012 Thorsten Kahnt
Department of Economics (UZH)
Using machine learning to study representations of predicted rewards --
08.03.2012 Alan Sanfey
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Fairness, trust, and reciprocity: Insights from decision neuroscience Christian Ruff
15.03.2012 Geoff Schoenbaum
National Institutes of Health
Does the orbitofrontal cortex signal value? Philippe Tobler
22.03.2012 Tokel Klingberg
Karolinska Institute
Development and training-induced plasticity of working memory Christian Ruff
29.03.2012 Daphne Bavelier
University of Rochester
Learning to learn: Lessons from action video games Ernst Fehr
19.04.2012 Kevin Laland
University of St. Andrews
Animal social learning and the evolution of culture Philippe Tobler
26.04.2012 Björn Rasch
University of Zurich
Maintaining memories by reactivation Klaas Enno Stephan
03.05.2012 Patrik Vuilleumier
University of Geneva
Decoding emotions in the human brain Todd Hare
10.05.2012 Henk Aarts
Utrecht University
More news from nowhere: On the unconscious origin and control of human goal pursuit Ernst Fehr
17.05.2012 Adriana Galvan
University of California, Los Angeles
Behavioral and brain development during adolescence: Insights from fMRI Todd Hare
24.05.2012 Janek Lobmaier
University of Bern
You're so vain: Egocentric biases in eye gaze perception Klaas Enno Stephan