Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Autumn 2007

Date Presenter Topic
20.09.07 APERO Who, Where & When
04.10.07 Raffael Kalisch
University of Hamburg
How cognitions sculpt emotions: High-level appraisal and cognitive emotion regulation
11.10.07 Claus Lamm
University of Chicago
Upside down, inside out - neurobehavioral investigations of the modulation of Empathy
18.10.07 Andrea Caria and Ranganatha Sitaram
University of Tübingen
Real-time fMRI and Emotion
25.10.07 John Archer
University of Central Lancashire
Testosterone and human aggression: an examination of the challenge hypothesis
01.11.07 open  
08.11.07 Ralf Veit
University of Tübingen
Impaired affective processing in psychopathy: functional and structural findings
15.11.07 Ronald de Sousa
University of Toronto
Will a stroke of neuroscience ever abolish evil?
22.11.07 Martin Ekkehard Keck
University of Zurich
The putative role of neuropeptides in novel drug treatment strategies in stress- related disorders
29.11.07 Oliver Schultheiss
University of Michigan
Hormonal and brain activation correlates of implicit power motivation
06.12.07 Barbara Koenig
University of Zurich
Social selection in house mice
13.12.07 Antoine Lutz
University of Wisconsin
Exploring the potential influences of meditation on mind, brain processes, and health
20.12.07 Erich Seifritz
University of Zurich
Processing of temporally unpredictable auditory information - translational approach to anxiety