Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Spring 2017

Location: Thursday, 17:00 - 18:00h, Room BLU-003, Blumlisalpstrasse 10, 8006 Zurich

Please direct your questions and speaker suggestions to Miguel Garcia, Phone +41 44 634 50 37

Date Presenter Topic Host


Special Monday Session from 10.30-11.30 a.m.

Daniel Martin
Northwestern University
A choice-theoretic approach to attention and perception
Abstract (PDF, 171 KB)
23.02.2017 Anette Horstmann
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science
It wasn’t me; it was my brain – Characteristics of brain circuits governing decision-making in obesity
Abstract (PDF, 175 KB)
09.03.2017 Eric J. Johnson
Columbia University
Search processes predict and change patience in intertemporal choice
Abstract (PDF, 262 KB)
23.03.2017 Ryann Webb
University of Toronto
Pairwise attribute normalization
Abstract (PDF, 260 KB)
30.03.2017 Claire Gillan
Trinity College Dublin
Reinforcement learning models of compulsivity, depression and anxiety
Abstract (PDF, 264 KB)
06.04.2017 Nathaniel D. Phillips
University of Basel
Simplify your life with R: From making decisions to sharing and documenting research
Abstract (PDF, 174 KB)
27.04.2017 Micah Allen
University College London
Precision in metacognition: A global mechanism for perceptual confidence?
Abstract (PDF, 260 KB)
04.05.2017 Mauricio Delgado
Rutgers University
The value of recalling positive memories in the face of stress
Abstract (PDF, 259 KB)
11.05.2017 Jonathan Pillow
Princeton University
Unlocking single-trial dynamics of neural activity during decision making
Abstract (PDF, 173 KB)
18.05.2017 Paulo Natenzon
Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Preference reversal or limited sampling? Maybe túngara frogs are rational after all
Abstract (PDF, 265 KB)
01.06.2017 Oral Examination Room: BLU-003Blumlisalpstrasse 10, Zurich
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Ernst Fehr

Course requirements

In order to receive credit for this course, participants must pass the oral examination.

Course credit

3 ECTS (pass/fail)