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Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics (ZNE)

Neuroeconomics Seminar

(formerly: Foundations of Human Social Behavior)

Spring 2016

Location: Thursday, 17:00 - 18:00h, Room BLU-003, Blumlisalpstrasse 10, 8006 Zurich

Please direct your questions and speaker suggestions to Alexander Soutschek, Phone +41 44 634 37 40

Date Presenter Topic Host
25.02.2016 cancelled cancelled  
03.03.2016 Joshua W. Buckholtz
Harvard University
A neurocognitive model for third-party norm enforcement
Abstract (PDF, 52 KB)
10.03.2016 Laurence T. Maloney
New York University
Uncertainty and decision in perception, action, and cognition
Abstract (PDF, 13 KB)
17.03.2016 Stephen M. Fleming
University College London
The reflective mind: Neural building blocks of metacognition
Abstract (PDF, 13 KB)
07.04.2016 Xiao-Jing Wang
New York University
Neural circuit mechanism of decision making and reward-dependent learning
Abstract (PDF, 16 KB)
14.04.2016 Rafael Polanía
University of Zurich
Preference uncertainty in the human brain
Abstract (PDF, 15 KB)
21.04.2016 Silvia Maier
University of Zurich
How acute stress impairs self-control in goal-directed choice: Behavioral and neural evidence
Abstract (PDF, 15 KB)
28.04.2016 Tobias Kalenscher
University of Dusseldorf
Inequity aversion in rats
Abstract (PDF, 13 KB)
12.05.2016 Paul Cisek
University of Montréal
Beyond economics: The challenges and mechanisms of embodied decisions
Abstract (PDF, 16 KB)
19.05.2016 Rui Mata
University of Basel
Individual and age differences in risk-taking propensity
Abstract (PDF, 13 KB)
26.05.2016 Jean Daunizeau
Brain and Spine Institute, Paris
DCM for brain-behavior relationships Stephan
02.06.2016 Oral examination Room: BLU-003, Blumlisalpstrasse 10, Zurich
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Christian Ruff

Course requirements

In order to receive credit for this course, participants must pass the oral examination (Thursday, June 2; Room BLU-003).

Course credit

3 ECTS (pass/fail)